Blue Collar Barbershop

Super excited to release Jordan’s website!

Blue Collar Barbershop is a locally owned small business located in Springfield, MO. I met Jordan through a close friend during EMT school a few years ago. When Jordan left his old location to start his own shop, we agreed to build a website and online presence.

In my work for Jordan, I’ve helped establish:

The Blue Collar Barbershop FaceBook, Instagram, and now website.

In addition to the clean and simple to navigate website, we added all of the services Jordan offers in his shop in a very user-friendly Booking/Appointment page. This widget sends Jordan an e-mail notifying him of a new appointment. He can then take that e-mail and add it seamlessly to Google Calendar. Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 4.57.14 PM

A couple of days of shooting on location have lead to all of the photography and digital film displayed on the Blue Collar Barbershop website. Jordan did provide the BCB logo after we began construction of the website.

Our next step is implementing a POS system and potentially a few “Buy Buttons” for BCB merchandise such as hats and t-shirts.

Like what you see? E-mail me at and we will set up a meeting! Consultations are always free. My services will get your dreams off the ground! 

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